Specialists who work together as a team


Laubscher & Hattingh was founded in January 1990 and since then has showed constant growth and has developed into a reputable Law Firm. The varying needs of clients are addressed by a team of legal specialists who take care of each client’s legal requirements by means of excellent service.

Laubscher & Hattingh’s directors, professional assistants and candidate attorneys work together as a dynamic team to create a unique experience for the client, with the aim to render excellent client service. This is based on sound knowledge of qualified directors and attorneys who are constantly applying their knowledge and skills in order to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing legal environment in South Africa.

The accumulative legal experience of the key personnel (directors) of Laubscher & Hattingh is more than 100 years. It is the endeavour of the team of specialists at Laubscher & Hattingh not only to continue increasing and improving their own legal knowledge, but they also strive to share this knowledge with other staff members. Continuous training is thus part of the culture of this firm and all the directors actively partake in this. 

Laubscher & Hattingh aims to form a long-term partnership with a client or service provider by not only staying informed of the client’s or service provider’s product, but also fully understanding and mastering it (even better than the client or service provider).

Laubscher & Hattingh appreciates the high importance for and responsibility of both Government and South Africans to redress past discrimination of disadvantaged groups and the need to establish a platform to eradicate inequalities of the past.

We are therefore committed to ensure that the firm is a representative workforce by not only providing employment opportunities to previous disadvantage individuals in positions at all levels within the firm but also providing formal training and mentoring programmes to all such individuals for their future development.

Recent structural changes ensured that Laubscher & Hattingh is a Level 2 B-BBEE certified and compliant company.